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F50/F52/F60 is a vacuum stuffer for smaller production plants. F-LINE F50 offers the same functions as bigger vacuum stuffers and is therefore a great success regarding the
price and performance. F50/F52/F60 masters every kind of filling such as straight-filling,
portioning and linking. The large dimensions of the chambers care for your product and
ensure good production results.

F50/F52/F60 works with a well concipated rotor system made of stainless steel. The rotor is extremely resistant due to a plasma coating. No wearing out problems due to a well-thought.


  • - Weight input can be chosen between 0.1 and 100,000 g. (from 0,0 - 999,9 g in 0,1 g - steps)
  • - Number of links from 0 - 9,9 turns
  • - Clipping time
  • - Pre-selection of pauses for portioning and linking
  • - Normal and continuous operation
  • For more information, kindly download the brochure below...